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Mirror, mirror on the wall, where is the most beautiful castle of them all?

You need not ask this question. Just visit both castles-the Reichsburg castle in Cochem and Burg Eltz in nearby Eltzbachtal during your stay at the Moselle.

Allow yourself to enjoy the quiet side of Cochem from the terrace or balcony. This is just a few minutes over the bridge which can be reached romantically with the small ferry to the hotel.

The see the illuminated castle at night, you should be back in time.

Cochem in winter

All a bit quieter and contemplative, but just as attractive as in the summer.

The weather changing accordingly reveals itself to you on walks or hike and reveals a very different picture of the city and the river.

The Christmas market in Cochem, small but nice, or a guided hike through the vineyards, or just to relax for a few days give enough reason for a visit, even in the cold season.

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